New Transportation and Parking Options in Charleston

March 21, 2018 § Leave a comment


These just released additional choices for reduced cost, congestion and transmission options around Charleston apply to the general public as well as food and beverage employees.

Options include:

  • The City of Charleston offers discounted rates in four area parking garages:

–$7 flat rate after 3 PM; $5 flat rate after 5 PM (City will prorate if parked before 3 PM) at:

Visitor Center Garage, 63 Mary Street, Charleston, SC 29403
Queen Street Garage, 93 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401

–$5.00 flat rate after 5 PM (City will prorate if parked before 5 PM) at:
-East Bay Garage, 25 Prioleau Street, Charleston, SC 29401
-Majestic Square Garage, 211 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

  • Lowcountry Go: Lowcountry Go, a recently launched commuter services program, connects real people with real commuter solutions in an effort to reduce traffic congestion. Employees register and are connected with fellow commuters to share in the cost.
  • UBER and LYFT Carpooling: Both have the ability in their apps to add multiple stops so you can pick up a friend or co worker and share the fare to work and back home!  No parking or driving expenses. Check Uber or Lyft to learn more.
  • CARTA: CARTA has launched an app that shows real-time movement of vehicles. Employees are encouraged to try CARTA again, if they haven’t recently, because services are evolving.

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