Bodacious Beverages

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Ruby’s Rodeo from HonkyTonk Saloon

HonkyTonk Saloon Manager Shelly Shattuck tapped into her Cove Oyster Bar & Grille bar manager past, creativity, and love of all things country to come up with this drink as part of a sponsorship campaign with Belle Isle Moonshine and their Sweet Heat Lollipop cocktail garnishes.

“We wanted to give it a country, down-home feel, so that’s where we used Ruby, which is a country girl kind of name. And, here at HonkyTonk we have that Western rodeo theme going on, so hence the name Ruby’s Rodeo. It’s really, really good and both crisp and refreshing. Anyone who loves grapefruit is going to love it and the lollipop adds a nice little spice,” says Shattuck of her libation creation.

To prepare, put the moonshine in a 6-ounce glass. Squeeze in the fresh lemon and orange juices. Top off with Triple Sec and soda water. Serve over ice with a Belle Isle Sweet Heat Lollipop.

Ruby’s Rodeo

(Makes one cocktail)

1 1/2 oz Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine

4 fresh squeezed lime wedges

4 fresh squeezed orange wedges

Splash of Triple Sec

Top with Soda Water


And, while you’re out celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend, don’t forget to stop by Toast!, Toast of West Ashley or Toast of Summerville for a delicious green mimosa, specially priced at just $3.17 each.



Charleston DIGEST March 9 Issue On Stands and Online Now

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Fourth Edition is Best Yet

We’re proud to present our latest issue of Charleston DIGEST complete with a new name (formerly Charleston Hospitality Group’s DIGEST) and a celebratory catering and spring theme. It’s available in hard copy at each of our restaurants as well as upscale hotels, spas, The Charleston Visitors Centers and other locations around greater Charleston.

If you’re interested in carrying an issue at your place of business or advertising, please contact If you have content suggestions, please contact Editor-in-Chief Holly Herrick at

Happy reading! Just click on the link below



Catering to Every Event Need

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Charleston Hospitality Catering’s Got You Covered

Life has a way of presenting challenges that call for professional catering help, even for the most talented and organized cooks.  Pot luck dinners and backyard barbecues just won’t cut it  for most engagement parties, gallery soirees, baby showers, large, formal holiday events, corporate lunches and dinners, university functions, or yacht receptions.  And let’s face it, sometimes the home cook and entertainer needs and wants a break and to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun and the food without having to worry about cooking and cleaning up the mess after everyone’s gone home.

Charleston’s no stranger to professional catering and event planning choices, as one of the country’s top wedding destination city’s and a town that’s big on parties, from oyster roasts to bar mitzvahs. What makes Charleston Hospitality Catering a little bit different is that its myriad menu and venue choices fall under the umbrella of Charleston Hospitality Group’s eleven restaurant and entertainment venues.

“All of our kitchens can provide food, depending on what type of event, menu and price range my clients are looking for. In addition, we have a full booklet of catering menus including hors d’oeuvres, salads, buffet entrée items like duck & waffles and shrimp & grits, buffet side opetions like au gratin potatoes and ratatouille, and dessert including red velvet cake, baklava, and tiramisu. We also do boxed lunches which are perfect for office events and include some elegant wraps and sandwiches and sides, as well as hot plates,” explains Charleston Hospitality Director of Sales, Nina Koutsulis.

The Chicago native has been with Charleston Hospitality Group for two year and holds a degree in hospitality management from College of Charleston. She runs the catering group with the assistance of Ryan Jennings, Catering Coordinator, who holds political science major from UNC Charlotte. He worked as a server at Toast and in sales during a short-lived stint with a trucking company before recently joining the catering team.  Both especially enjoy being out in the field almost daily interacting with customers and the special challenges and advantages of catering.

In addition to managing weekly corporate gigs with Boeing, Mercedes Benz and Wayne Brothers Commercial Concrete, they service multiple breakfast and lunch catering requests from businesses including car dealerships, medical offices, and pharmaceuticals with meals often selected from Queology, Tabbuli or Toast! menus. Meanwhile, more formal events including rehearsal dinners, bridal and baby shower lunches or corporate soirees, are more likely to select from Eli’s Table, Toast!, Tabbuli, or Fill Restaurant & Piano Bar (CHG’s newest acquisition) menus. Bachelorette and bachelor parties gravitate towards HonkyTonk Saloon’s celebratory, more relaxed Western mood and music. For these events, Jennings and Koutsulis will put together packages with food, t-shirts and rounds of shots. “We can truly tailor the event to whatever anyone needs or wants. We really have something for everyone,” says Koutsulis.

Charleston Hospitality Catering’s team has seen a little bit of everything. “I’ve done private events from as little as 8 persons, and oyster roasts serving many thousands. The largest individual home event we’ve ever done was for 300 persons for a memorial service. For the memorial, I understood the event was supposed to start at noon, but it was actually 11 a.m. Still, we were able to pull it off and get everyone served well and on time,” says Koutsulis.

Another time, she organized an event for 150 persons at Eli’s Table. It took place in the restaurant’s courtyard and she rented out the parking space behind the restaurant to accommodate the group. FILL Restaurant & Piano bar offers full space buy-outs for 92 persons offering assorted menu packages.

Charleston Hospitality Catering can meet most catering client’s needs with just 24-hour notice and can usually turn around private events within a week’s notice, depending upon server availability, according to Koutsulis. .

If you’re interested in Charleston Hospitality Catering services, contact or or call 843.730.0000







Flowertown Festival in Bloom

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April 6 to 8 is Coming Soon!

Fifty-Year YMCA Veteran Jan Parsons Shares Her Goodwill Perspective

“Flowertown & the YMCA are Summerville,” says Timmi-Jo Pashuta, a resident of Summerville, former teacher at YMCA and current CHG social media marketing specialist.

The Flowertown Festival was founded in 1972 to support health and wellness programs at the Summerville YMCA. The celebrated three-day weekend, recognized by Southeast Tourism as one of the top 20 events in 2016, will take place on April 6 to April 8 this year. Summerville, known for its beautiful old homes, sweet tea and abundant azalea, dogwood and wisteria blooms, celebrates The Flowertown Festival in style on Main Street and Azalea Park hosting restaurant vendors at The Taste, Children’s Jubilee/Kids Fest, and a Farmer’s Market on Saturday and Sunday.

Jan Parsons, Vice President of Health & Wellness at the Summerville Family YMCA, has been with the facility since 1988 and working for the YMCA for fifty years. The veteran, who will be stepping down from her full-time job to a part-time capacity this November, is a big believer in The YMCA and especially The Summerville Family YMCA, which she describes as a “non-profit, family organization with Christian-based principles and 14,000 members.”

“It’s our biggest fund-raiser of the year, by far and we expect it to bring in anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 for the YMCA this year. The money goes into our budget for scholarships, financial assistance and membership fees. Last year, we gave away $300,000 towards these types of causes. However, The Flowertown Festival also benefits greater Summerville and the community with the vendor booths and both civic and business profits. It’s just so much fun to see the community coming out to see and enjoy everything,” says Parsons.

For more information about the event, visit be sure to come visit Toast of Summerville’s booth where they will be serving breakfast all day: shrimp & grits and biscuit sandwiches.


International Women’s Day

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Celebrating Women Who Inspire

Today is International Women’s Day, an opportunity to take pause and say thank you to all the wonderful, strong women in your life, past and present. Sister, mother, aunt, cousin, grandmother, co-worker, boss – any woman who inspires and uplifts and adds wonderful energy, talent and strength to the world and peoples lives.


Charleston Hospitality Group celebrates the strength of its female employees. CHG Resource Management Director Alexis Barnes is one of nearly fifteen women holding top management positions at CHG. Three of CHG’s longest-standing employees are women in top management roles including Vice President Christina Tsang, Toast! Brand Manager Sharon Egri, and Toast! Kitchen Manager Billie Littles.  This is a reflection of Charleston Hospitality Group CEO Sam Mustafa’s respect for the talent of women in successfully navigating management of the corporation.  “We’re always interested in improving opportunities for all of our employees. My views on my management team has always been one of respect for the talents and energies that each of them contribute. That goes for all CHG employees, men and women alike,” says CEO Sam Mustafa.

Here are Alexis, Christina, and Sharon (with Alexis) pictured left to right. Happy International Women’s Day ladies, and to all ladies around the world!


Do You Know Charles Stark/Ava Clear?

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Star Drag Queen Performer at Tabbuli

A Preview of Things to Come in this month’s issue of Charleston Digest, published and distributed March 9. We loved talking with Ava!

Charles Stark has been performing as a drag queen for fourteen years, since he was twenty years old. As an openly gay child he was often bullied in school, which left him shy and insecure. “Performing changed my life. I found an acceptance in the community when I started performing. I have made some of my best friends in fellow performers and found inspiration in the shared creativity within a cast. Performing with such varied people has pushed me to make myself the best I can be,” says Stark.

He describes Ava Clear, his drag alter ego as “a firecracker with the face of a goddess and the mouth of a sailor.” Though he previously performed locally at Club Pantheon, he joined The Tabbuli drag team in November 2016. “When I walked into Tabbuli, I was amazed at the unique atmosphere. I have performed all over and never worked in an outdoor venue. With the lights, the palm trees and the lighting and sound set up by DJDJ, I feel like I’m transported to Miami every time I perform there. Being outdoors also has its own set of particular challenges, and I’m always up for a challenge.”

In addition to a challenge, Stark is drawn to performing in general because of the control and attention it affords his Ava persona. “When onstage, you control the audience. You can truly change a person’s attitude. If someone is having a bad day, they can come to the show and forget about things for a while and just have fun. Plus, it is a high when you walk onto a stage and receive applause from hundreds of people.”

When he’s not performing, Star works as a full-time flight attendant. He loves the travel and adventure and has visited Europe, Australia, all over the Caribbean and Bahamas and the United States. Of all the cities he’s visited, Paris (which he describes as “magical”) is his favorite. He also hosts other drag events and monthly Bingo games. “I enjoy the hosting vs. performing. It lets me work on different skill sets,” explains Stark.

You can catch Ava Clear and some other members of Tabbuli’s talented drag queen team on Tabboo Tuesday drag shows hosted every Tuesday evening from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Tabbuli also hosts a Drag Brunch on the third Sunday and special drag events. For more information visit or on Facebook at Tabbuli Grill.


Charles Stark in drag as Ava Clear is a popular performer at Tabbuli’s Tabboo Tuesday’s and Sunday Brunch drag shows.


Get a Free Culinary Kick Start from Palmetto Goodwill and CHG

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Are you looking for an opportunity to get your foot in the door of the booming Charleston restaurant scene? Maybe you’re looking to switch fields all together and begin a new culinary career path? If so, our Culinary Kick-Start program is for you!

Apply now for a free 8-day culinary training designed to get you prepared to begin a career with top employers.

  • Hands-On Training. You will begin the program with four full days of prep-cook training at Lowcountry Food Bank , learning food safety and sanitation, kitchen equipment and knife basics. You will then have the opportunity to work in real working kitchens such as Cove Oyster Bar and Grille. In this portion of the course, you will focus on developing your palettes while furthering your education in kitchen saftey, mise en place, equipment and more.
  • Job Readiness Course. Succeeding in the workplace requires more than experience and training. Employers are looking for team members who have the “soft skills” that lead to long-term success. Goodwill will provide you with the tools you need to get, keep and excel in your new job including creating a stand-out resume, acing the interview and applying conlict resolution techniques.
  • Job Placements. Following the program, Goodwill will work with you one-on-one to identify and prepare you for appropriate job opportunities including resume writing and interview skills. The program will commence with an opportunity to interview with Charleston Hospitality Group for available positions at TabbuliEli’s Table Toast!Cove Oyster Bar & Grille, and Honky Tonk Saloon . Available full-time positions start at $12 per hour.
  • Graduation. Following completion of the program students will be able to invite two guests to join them as they graduate the Culinary Kick-Start Program.


Program Timeline:
  • February 19 – March 11: Application Period
  • March 19: Employment Skills Bootcamp with Palmetto Goodwill (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)
  • March 20 – 23: Training at Lowcountry Food Bank (8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
  • March 26 – 27: Chef apprenticeships with Charleston Hospitality Group (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
  • March 28: Graduation
  • March 29: Job Interviews

“Cooking has always been my passion. The best part of the program was the people. The hands-on training is important. I start my new job Monday because of this program.”
– Zena Schultes

“I loved being able to train at different companies at a fast pace. It was a diverse group and I enjoyed that. The program is great for job placement. I already started my job through Good Food Catering.”
– Victoria Robinson

“I joined the program to refine my cutting skills and learn cooking as whole. I got what I came for. The highlight of the program was working with the chefs. This program helped me get the job opportunity I deserve.”
– Nicole Gourdine


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